Bespoke solutions

Sometimes you have those projects that you simply cannot fit into a certain category.

We have many of these ‘custom’ projects...

Trusted to do the job

Often long-term clients come to us with projects that wouldn’t normally be deemed to fit into our area of expertise, but they trust us to plan and execute these jobs for them. They also know that our open and honest approach means we would tell them if we were not the right company for the job and help point them in the right direction.

Collaboration and planning

With careful planning, open dialogue and our collaborative methodology, we can tackle most build projects. We team up with a group of trusted external designers, architects and consultants to find the right approach and solution for all projects, taking into account quality, cost and timelines.

Custom projects

Projects falling into this category include car parks, warehouse builds, commercial extensions, landscaping, staircases, water pump upgrades, and the list goes on. Call us to find out if we can assist you. We love a challenge.