Location: Guildford Road, Maylands

Designers: Maarch Architects

Size: 1,000m2

Completion: July 2019

Duration: 16 weeks

Seasonal Brewing Co. Microbrewery

The existing industrial building was selected as the development site due to the prime location in the centre of the up-and-coming Maylands suburb as well as the architectural features including the sawtooth roof within the main area and timber details throughout the annexe.

Swan carried out some significant enabling works ahead of the installation of brewing tanks, hydraulic connections and interior fitout.

The rear of the building was also extended to increase the building footprint which now holds a Cold Room, patron amenities and storage.

The new venue comprises tasting and dining areas, alfresco seating and on-site brewing to a capacity of 1,000 to 2,000 litres per batch of premium quality craft beer.