Location: Claremont and Lesmurdie

Designers: T & Z Architects

Completion: November 2022

Duration: 12 weeks

Mercy Health Lesmurdie and Mont Clare

Both the Villa Maria Hostel Refurbishment and Mercy Place Mont Clare 5 Kitchens renovation projects were executed for Mercy Health, a leading healthcare provider.

The projects involved the partial refurbishment of Villa Maria Lesmurdie, an aged care facility, as well as the renovation of all five kitchens at Mercy Place Mont Clare, which is located in the heart of Claremont Quarter.

In addition to the typical challenges faced during renovation projects, Swan Group had to navigate the complexities imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, which presented unique obstacles to both Mercy Care locations.

Strict procedures and testing were put in place before anyone could enter the construction site to ensure the safety of all residents, staff and visitors.

Swan Group’s dedication and meticulous execution resulted in successful project outcomes for both Villa Maria Lesmurdie and Mercy Place Mont Clare. The newly refurbished Villa Maria Lesmurdie now offers improved living spaces, fostering a positive and enriching environment for elderly residents.

At Mercy Place Mont Clare, the renovated kitchens have been well-received by both residents and staff. The modernised kitchens provide a functional and hygienic space to prepare meals, further enhancing the overall quality of life for the seniors in the facility.