Location: South of the River

Designers: Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects, Forth Consulting, Focus Consulting WA, hydraulics Design Australia, DB Consulting

Size: 4,400m2

Completion: November 2021

Duration: 18 weeks

Department of Communities – South Women’s Refuge (Stage 2)

Swan Group undertook the construction of a women’s refuge accommodation facility  south of the river, concurrently managing a similar project in close proximity. The scope included independent living units, fitout, and landscaping.

The project were executed in two stages, with stage two commencing while stage one remained operational. This approach demanded meticulous management of interface works and contractors to ensure the privacy and uninterrupted functioning of each development.

Thanks to the collaborative efforts and efficient strategies employed by Swan Group, the women’s refuge accommodation facility was successfully completed ahead of schedule. The project not only met the client’s expectations but also showcased Swan Group’s ability to manage politically sensitive and time-constrained initiatives effectively.

The project was similarly completed with outstanding results, reflecting Swan Group’s commitment to delivering projects of exceptional quality and operational efficiency.