Location: Wangara

Designers: MPS, Forth, AC Consulting Engineers

Size: 5,200m2

Completion: January 2022

Duration: 30 Weeks

Wangara Bus Depot (D&C)

Swan Group successfully completed a workshop expansion project, including the addition of a new fuel and wash facility at the Wangara Depot for the Public Transport Authority (PTA).

The project comprised three stages:

1. Refurbishment of the fuel and wash bay.
2. Extension of the workshop & maintenance pit.
3. Further extension of the workshop.

Throughout the project, the site remained fully operational, presenting the main challenge of prioritising bus operations. However, Swan Group proactively addressed this by collaborating closely with PTA stakeholders, implementing a two-week look-ahead schedule, and ensuring zero disruption to bus operations.

To maintain a safe working environment, extensive safety planning was meticulously carried out for high-risk tasks, such as working at heights and roofing works.

From the outset of the project, we strictly adhered to our comprehensive suite of custom Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) protocols, along with dedicated noise and live environment documentation.