Location: Jandakot, WA

Designers: MPS Architects, MDS Structural Engineering, CWC, Hutchinsons and Associates, ME Services, Acor

Size: 10,000m2

Completion: November 2023

Duration: 56 weeks

Jandakot bus depot

Swan Group successfully completed a new Transperth Bus Depot facility located in Jandakot for the Public Transport Authority (PTA).

The scope of works included the full design and construction of a new bus depot including:

– New administration office complex
– New workshop facility,
– Depot access road
– Wash/fuel facility
– Ancillary structures
– Depot access road
– Depot entry/exit, bus circulation/parking & car circulation/parking bitumen pavements.
– Diesel storage tank & adblu storage tank.
– Paving, landscaping & perimeter fencing.
– Site bulk earthworks, retaining walls & stormwater drainage.
– Site lighting including lighting columns, footings, conduits, cabling and distribution boards
– Site CCTV including CCTV columns, footings, conduits and cabling.
– Site security including detectors, alarms, access controls, conduits and cabling.

As with our other PTA projects, Swan continued with early planning, collaborating closely with PTA stakeholders and ensuring a two week look ahead schedule was in place for the lifecycle of the project.

During the tender period, Swan identified a solution that would improve construction time frames and also reduce some on site costs. Swan entered into discussions with a subcontractor that would be able to undertake the structural design and certification of the steelwork and also erect it with the roof sheeting in place.

The erection of the steelwork roof frame and sheeting was completed on the ground and lifted up into position. This reduced the need for scaffolding and also reduces the number of cranes and elevated work platforms working on the site, in turn reducing the number of man hours working on high risk activities. The reduction in scaffolding needs, as well as the decreased reliance on cranes and elevated work platforms, not only contributed to cost savings but also enhanced safety during the project by minimising high-risk activities.