Location: Crown Perth, Burswood

Designers: Maze Architects

Size: 300m2

Completion: September 2018

Duration: 16 weeks

Crown Metropol Water Tank House Construction

The Crown Metropol Water Pump Upgrade consisted of the construction of a new fire and potable water station along with connections to associated equipment.

Challenges included the proximity to the live and fully operational Metropol Hotel and the sub-ground conditions. Swan utilised the vast construction expertise of direct staff to plan and deliver the construction project along with the incorporated decommissioning of the redundant water tank and connections to the hotel.

Extensive piling was required due to the history of the Burswood site. Having once been an industrial waste dump and sitting so close to the Swan River, piles were installed to depth of 20m. Our delivery team remained in communication with the Crown throughout to ensure that noisy works were meticulously planned around agreed times to avoid disruption.